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Note: The indicated price refers to the purchase of 100 copies, which is the minimum order quantity.


Introducing our stunning Sea Calendar, featuring a collection of breathtaking ocean photographs from around the world. Measuring 29.5 x 21 cm, this calendar is the perfect size for hanging on your wall or placing on your desk. Each month showcases a different serene seascape, transporting you to exotic locations and inspiring a sense of tranquility. Whether you're a beach lover, a world traveler, or simply appreciate the beauty of the ocean, this calendar is a must-have for your home or office. Bring the calming and captivating power of the sea into your daily life with our Sea Calendar.

100 PCS - SEA CALENDAR (29,5 X 21 CM)

SKU: CO011
€ 620,00Prezzo
IVA inclusa
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