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Note: The indicated price refers to the purchase of 100 copies, which is the minimum order quantity.


Introducing our stunning Sky Calendar, featuring a collection of breathtaking photos of the world's skies. Measuring 29.5 x 21 cm, this calendar is the perfect addition to any home or office space. Each month showcases a different sky scene, from vibrant sunsets to star-filled nights, allowing you to experience the beauty of the world from the comfort of your own space. This calendar is not only a practical tool for keeping track of important dates, but also a stunning piece of art that will inspire and awe all year long. Bring the wonder of the skies into your daily life with our Sky Calendar.

100 PCS - SKY CALENDAR (29,5 X 21 CM)

SKU: CO012
€ 620,00Prezzo
IVA inclusa
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